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;Original Caption: Schachblume, Fritillaria me...

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Fritillaria meleagris
 – a flower from the family Liliaceae

Grow to 15-40cm in height and flower now, from March to May

The Snakes Head Fratilleri stunning European native 100% deserves to be adored, with its dirty earthy purple tones speckled with white, its delicate bell flowers look like they would tempt fairies to use them as hats. They love damp soil and river meadows and they are known to create a beautiful blanket cover in a grasslands, although it would probably take a lifetime to achieve this as they spread slowly but imagine what a blanket of these could do for your soul. Happy spring time one and all.

This is a watercolour by Charles Renie Macintosh

“On sunless days in winter, we shall know
By whom the silver gossamer is spun,
Who paints the diapered fritillaries,
On what wide wings from shivering pine to pine the eagle flies.”

Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

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