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There are so many reasons for us to long for a trip to Japan, not least because of their wonderful ancient art of garden design.

Hoshinoya Karuizawa is a stunning hotel located in Karuizawa, Nagano, Japan.

The landscaped water gardens were designed by Hiroki Hasegawa. There is a natural hot spring at the heart of the hotel which sits in a valley at the foot of Mt. Asama. There are beautiful ancient trees, a river, small connecting bridges and winding scenic paths. The needs of the hotel and the existing natural environment are considered beautifully in the design, which is a triumph of serenity and meandering exploration.

What a wonderful place to rest ones head, cleanse the soul and inspire the mind.



We have a keen interest in healthy workspaces and love this beautiful landscape design project, completed in 2003, for Fashion designer Elie Tahari by MVVA. Holes were cut into the roof of the building which created green courtyards allowing the seasons to penetrate an otherwise windowless suburban box.

The choice of materials and planting has been kept very natural and sensual, the result is a tactile green room with river birch, hellebores, moss, river cobbles, and wonderful black locust planks cut lengthways to create rough wooden pathways.

French landscape designers Atelier Alterm produced this fabulous polly tunnel / vegetable patch near Amiens for their client, the Center of Arts for Amiens . Based on the islands of the Hortillonnages, the angular temporary structure houses and celebrates rare varieties of lettuce which have been banned from production by the French government. They hope to promote the re-introduction of a wider variety of lettuce and to encourage interest in the agricultural industry and the policies placed on it. We think it is stunning.

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