Architect Tetsuo Kondo designed ‘A Path in the Forest’, a temporary installation that was found in the Kadriorg Park near Tallinn, Estonia. Kondo created a 95-meter (311-foot) walkway suspended among some of the park’s 300 year-old trees.



There are so many reasons for us to long for a trip to Japan, not least because of their wonderful ancient art of garden design.

Hoshinoya Karuizawa is a stunning hotel located in Karuizawa, Nagano, Japan.

The landscaped water gardens were designed by Hiroki Hasegawa. There is a natural hot spring at the heart of the hotel which sits in a valley at the foot of Mt. Asama. There are beautiful ancient trees, a river, small connecting bridges and winding scenic paths. The needs of the hotel and the existing natural environment are considered beautifully in the design, which is a triumph of serenity and meandering exploration.

What a wonderful place to rest ones head, cleanse the soul and inspire the mind.


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This week we have started searching out inspiration for a client in Primrose Hill. This client is a good friend whose garden is overlooked by wonderful towering London Plane trees, they give the whole garden a lovely verdant feel and their movement is pleasing. However, whilst appreciating their beauty, she finds herself a bit disappointed at the shade they leave her …

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This morning I went to the Maggie’s Centre in London. I was there to research courtyard gardens, as I am in the process of designing some for a project and my tutor had recommended I go.

Maggie’s Centres offer support for people affected by cancer, whether patients, family or friends. Having lost family members, including Brandon, my husband, to cancer, I am acutely aware of the importance of these places and of the incredible support the people that work there provide.

I have been to other places like this, but I was not prepared for the unique and sheer peace and presence this site has. It has a palpable sense of place and upon entering it one feels immediately cocooned.

The building was designed by Richard Rogers and the gardens by Dan Pearson: both are sensationally talented in their respective fields. The space is simple and spacious and intuitive. It has been divided into a sequence of areas that people can move about in as they wish. The courtyards are interspersed throughout the building, providing serene green rooms to view and be in. I was deeply moved upon entering and spending time in the space, by the people working there, the visitors and by the example it gave of the absolute power good design has to create healthy, personal, safe and intuitive environments that enhance our lives.

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Sometimes the achievements of one person simply blow me away, not just by their sheer brilliance but by their compelling drive to produce huge bodies of sensational, cross platformed works of art to share with the world.

What an astonishing legacy of beauty.

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