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What could be more perfect than to gaze upon this vision of loveliness?

The wonderful Lake Retba or Lac Rose lies north of the Cap Vert peninsula of Senegal, north east of Dakar. It is so named for its pink waters which are caused by Dunaliella salina in the water, a micro-algae hich manages to survive in the highly salted water. The color is particularly visible during the dry season.

We love it for its fairytale feel and we praise mother nature, as only she could have designed it in all its girly glory.


Designed by Tale Design these educational and practical notebooks come in various textured woody exteriors, made from FSC-certified wood and 30% recycled paper pulp. Choose from Oriental white oak, Pine, Ginkgo, Platanus, or White birch. The pages have the grain and knots of that particular tree species.

So beautiful we simply feel obliged to use them. Purchase them here.

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