Monthly Archives: January 2012

Finnish artist Jonna Pohjalainen has created this wonderful Environmental Art piece called “Colour Pencils“. Using aspen tree trunks she cut and then vividly coloured the tips. Having taken on this different guise, the pencils look brilliantly at odds in their own home in the wilds.

This is one of many works of Art that are well worth perusing on the Environmental Art website, a site dedicated to Finnish Environmental Art.


Working out of their Amsterdam based studio and greenhouse, these two green fingered artists from Amsterdam Redlight Design have created their very own take on the hanging garden. These little clods of earth are balled up in string, leaving their roots exposed. They make for a delightful suspended sight and our hearts are in a flutter.

Am back at my desk after a lovely family filled Christmas and a snowy new year up in the mountains of Andorra.

Here is a little something green that brought a smile to my face.

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