A fragrant and zingy garden

We have just begun the process of designing the terrace of an eco house in Holland Park. The house is one of three, set within a private gated courtyard. They have a wonderful sense of space and are, as it says on the website, sustainably stunning.

It is an honour to work on a building that has been designed with an eco ethos. A lot of research will have to be made into the technicalities of building a large roof terrace. Weight will be a huge consideration as this terrace sits on the second floor and for insulation reasons some of the walls are made of pulp board and shredded newspaper – it will be interesting to work out how to function alongside these materials without compromising their structure.

The brief from the clients is exciting to say the least, they want an antithesis to their other garden in Wales; the garden there is a country garden, it has a large variety of planting and has been planned and gardened by them for many years. This terrace is their town garden, they want a selective choice of plants in a contemporary and inspirational space. They invited us to taste some food they had just eaten, we sampled the delicious spoonful of wonderfully fragrant and fresh Israeli salad which was to become the basis of my brief for their garden. She said “That is what I want my garden to be like. Zingy!”

How wonderful to have clients like this.


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